Poster Design

The initial description of this project is to create two PSA's on the one topic of Gun Safety. This project includes areas of research, exploration, design variations, and final implementations, using type and image. The hard parameters of the project include:

2 separate psa’s, one topic Black & White only, (Greyscale) Tabloid size 11x17
2 typefaces, display/text faces (normal)



The concept behind the title,“The Best or Nothing” comes from the Mercedes Benz concept that says; “The philosophy of sensual purity expresses an essential aspect of the brand – the bipolarity of emotion and intelligence..” Beautiful and intelligent design are areas that are explored in this composition. The powerful energetic blue, red, and green lines represent purity and intelligence. The sensual curves portray emotion and control, and give the viewer a feeling of luxury, power and subtle movement.